Our Team

Hi, I’m Ellie Watts and I’m a professional matchmaker. My team consists of two creative writers (Billie and Monica) and one administrative assistant (Asher). We are working in close partnership with the best chat line service providers, as we continue to manage our dating and matchmaking services.

Our team is currently based in Ocala, Florida.

Our Mission

The concept behind TheScavenger.net comes from the literal meaning of scavenger which is “a person who searches for and collects discarded items”.

Our team focuses on searching for different ways to connect people, as we collect discarded means of communication which is voice calls and verbal phone interactions.

In this age of social media, emails, SMS, and instant messaging, a lot of people fail to recognize the core value of effective communication which is based on verbal interaction.

People rely too much on digital means of communication that we fail to realize that it is by way of verbal dialogues and exchange of ideas that we can truly connect and establish real connections.

At TheScavenger.net, our goal is to bring back the essence of meaningful communication and employ it on dating and social interaction.

We introduce the Chat Lines which are direct phone-in services that promote private conversations and live voice chats via a secure communication system.

Join us in promoting the Chat Lines and let’s bring back the fun and enjoyment in phone conversations.