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Does the Make it Possible campaign help or hinder animal advocacy?

MakeitpossibleTVCstill200Six weeks ago, Animals Australia, the country’s largest animal advocacy organisation, launched its ‘Make it Possible’ campaign, which takes aim at the industrial farming system. The campaign centres on a singing pig that grows wings and takes flight, leaving the deprived world of the factory farm behind. The television ad directs viewers to a website, Make it Possible, where people can take ‘pledges’ to ‘make a world without factory farming possible.’ These include ‘reject factory farmed’, ‘eat less meat' and ‘go meat free’.

The campaign has split the vegan community, with those opposed claiming that it doesn’t go far enough in its failure to offer veganism as a pledge. Others argue that advocating directly for veganism could turn people away and that a softer approach that simply reveals the hidden world of the modern-day factory farm is the first step in encouraging the public to turn away from animal products.

Ruby Hamad, associate editor at The Scavenger, asked two vegan animal rights activists to give their perspectives on the campaign.

Take a little time: Interview with Rach Moran

RachsunglassesBodhi200Vegan singer-songwriter and artist Rach Moran will take to the stage at this year’s Cruelty Free Festival this Sunday in Sydney. The veteran lesbian performer spoke with Katrina Fox about her 33-year career that began in women’s and queer spaces, and how she expresses her deep love of animals and the planet through music.

Support grows to end bear bile farming

Jill-ShandongProminent Chinese personalities, students, academics, members of the public and the media are joining the growing chorus of voices speaking out against bear bile farming – an incredibly cruel practice where bears are kept in tiny metal cages for years on end, their bodies cut open to drain their bile for use as a health remedy. Animals Asia Foundation is at the forefront of rescuing these bears, who have physical and mental scars, and placing them in sanctuaries where they can begin to enjoy life after countless years of confinement and agonising pain. Susannah Waters reports.

Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness: A step in the right direction

Cows1In a world that is built on the exploitation of animals, it has served our purpose to regard and treat them as incapable of intelligence and awareness. The recent declaration by a group of scientists acknowledging that animals are conscious beings is a significant and important step for a more compassionate world, writes Ruby Hamad.

Meet vegan superhero Vivian Sharpe

VivianSharpeAlthough written primarily as a Young Adult novel, The Adventures of Vivian Sharpe, Vegan Superhero by Marla Rose has plenty of appeal for grown-ups too, as Ruby Hamad found out.

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